GreenDevil Safety LED Bump Cap-Free Up Your Hands In Work!

GreenDevil Safety LED Bump Cap-Free Up Your Hands In Work!

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What is bump cap,and where need it?

Bump cap are safety equipment that protect the wearer from minor head bumps and lacerations, but not from falling or flying objects.

You should use safety bump caps when there is a risk of impact between the head and stationary objects such as low ceilings, the underside of a vehicle (for mechanics, especially) and overhead piping. It is the bump cap's removable safety insert that protects the head and not the fabric cap itself.

The above question and the answers from Google detailed explanation already let us know more about bump cap.We can found some environments always faced the problem of insufficient light.That is subject we want to discuss.

A flashlight can solve the problem of insufficient light,but you have to arrange one of your hand to hold it.Imagine if a complex work environment need all your hands,how you can hold the flashlight?Maybe it is a good idea to hold it by your mouth said jokingly.

Today we have one more solution-GreenDevil Safety Bump Cap with LED light. The idea come from the helmet mounted lights.

 GreenDevil Safety LED bump cap-Free up your hands in work!

· Short brim design-It won't block the LED light.

· Easy assembly-Prepare more LED light for long-time working.

· Rechargeable and removable-Reusable LED light lasts2-10 hours working time.

· 3 adjustable brightness settings-Glare light/low light/SOS warning light

· Stable installation won’t fall off-Point directional light toward what your eyes are looking at.

In addition of design different with the traditional ones,it also include the basic protective function of bump cap. Meet EN 812:2012 standard, the world’s only standard for bump caps.The customized bump cap insert is made of a lightweight, durable high-density ABS material and is designed to offer maximum ventilation for continuous airflow and superior breathability—all without compromising protection.An interior foam pad reduces impact.

So choose it when you need work in dark place and protect your head.Free up your hands!