GreenDevil Safety always ensures the highest standards (CE for Europe Market and ANSI/OSHA for USA market) in terms of safety as well as in user experience. Continually investing in modern energy efficient equipment & creating innovative packaging materials and methods, allows us to continually reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and our impact on the environment.



GreenDevil Safety specializes in above-the neck protection for professional tradesmen and workers in a wide range of industries since 2009. Thanks to continuous, user-oriented product development and more than 10 years’ ODM manufacturing experience, GreenDevil Safety has quickly become a sought-after brand on the market for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Offering a complete and interconnected range of hearing, eye, respiratory and head protection

Our mission is to keep you safe

We know about safety. But we also know that focus on product design, materials , production processes and technology is equally important to maintain safety. That is why our most important feature is the user experience. All GreenDevil products are user-friendly, keeping you safe and comfortable during the workday and beyond. In the past 10 years we tried. We failed. We tried something new. Innovation and perseverance drove our founders, and it continues to drive our GreenDevilers in the future. Together we strive for perfection.


Great for range shooting

Perfect for protecting my ears while range shooting. No ringing after a couple of hours shooting time. Comfortable to wear, but I don't have a huge head. I would buy them again.

GREEN DEVIL Maverick5 Series Bump Cap for Safety Short Brim Baseball Cap Style  Lime
GREEN DEVIL Maverick5 Series Bump Cap for Safety Short Brim Baseball Cap Style  Navy Blue

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