GreenDevil MiniMax Blue Child Earmuff
Details of GreenDevil MiniMax baby earmuff
The GreenDevil Kids Earmuff keep the children away from the damage of noise.
GREEN DEVIL MiniMax Blue Kids Hearing Protection Ear muffs Noise Cancelling For Age 1-16 Headphones
DIY the headband of kids earmuff.
GreenDevil MiniMax Children Earmuffs Color Series.


GREEN DEVIL MiniMax Blue Kids Hearing Protection Ear muffs Noise Cancelling For Age 1-16 Headphones

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【Care for Your Baby's Hearing, Say NO to Ambient Noise!】:Children's emotions and hearing are more easily affected by environmental noise than adults.GREEN DEVIL kids hearing protection ear muffs provide a 27 Decibels noise reduction rate, effectively reduce external noise, protect kid’s hearing from hazardous sound levels and stabilize sensitive children’s emotions. The earmuffs cuts down background noise, toned down to a comfortable volume making their day more pleasant.
【Ultra Lightweight,Compact Folding Design Build For Comfort & Convenience】:Kids earmuffs designed having children’s small, sensitive head & ears and their comfort in mind ,with ultra-soft ear padding and safe, skin-friendly materials,adjustable ergonomically designed padded arched wide headband bringing an all-around comfort without causing pressure,being suitable even for longer wearing periods without straining kids'ears,as comfortable as ever!Low Profile and portable to anywhere.
【Kid-friendly】:GREEN DEVIL kids/toddler ear protection headphones made of high quality faux leather ,noise-dampening sponge,soft ear cushions and solid ABS ear cups .Bright cute colors,which is in line with children's aesthetics and makes children more willing to wear earmuffs.Also easily seen at a distance to assist in the monitoring of their use.And the kids noise cancelling headphones can be adjusted in size without compromising comfort.Suitable for children of different ages from 1-16.
【Strongly recommend for who will be going to loud/noisy events】:Whether you are at a fireworks display, air show, monster jam truck, shooting range, theme park, concert, movie theater, band practice, car races, helping with household chores, outdoor projects or taking an airplane on vacation, Your whole family can safely enjoy yourselves and our Noise Cancelling Headphones keeps your baby’s eardrums safe during loud noises.Who says you need to sacrifice and skip out on fun public events!
【Support DIY Creation,Make Unique Earmuffs】:Our kids ear protection headphones are tested to U.S. (ANSI S3.19) and European (EN352-1:2002) Safety Standards.It also supports many forms of DIY.Two random cute stickers will give as a present.The solid color headband hold on to stickers pretty well , so you can decorate them any way you like. Make their unique earmuffs to increase the fun of children and the ear muffs not easily misplaced or lost.


A Good Noise Reduction Earmuff For Kids

According to the World Health Organization, exposure to loud noise is one of the most common causes of hearing damage.1 in 8 children have permanent hearing damage.

Children are extra sensitive to sound more than adults!

Noise can overstrain young children which will lead to stress and sleeping problems

In our daily life ,Children are often unintentionally exposed to excessively loud noise,

So protect your baby's tender ears is very important.

Hearing protection ear muff is your perfect solution - providing your little one with vital acoustic protection.

GREEN DEVIL designed Mini Max Series Noise Reducation Ear Muffs especially for kids/toddlers from age 2-16 that Provide Better Hearing Protection and Comfort Fit.

Our mission is to keep your little ones' hearing safe !



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